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Bluetooth adapter is for a variety of digital products can be used for Bluetooth device interface converter. Bluetooth adapter uses the world's common short-range wireless connection technology, the use of microwave, remote control and some civilian wireless communications equipment similar to the 2.4GHz near the free, free application-free radio frequency band, in order to avoid this band of electronic devices caused by a large number of each other Interference, and thus to 1,600 times the difficulty of frequency hopping and encryption and security technology.

The specific use of methods
1, Bluetooth plugged into the USB port automatically in the lower right corner of the computer to display Bluetooth pictures, click the right mouse button to select: display Bluetooth device, enable the discovery hook, so that mobile phones and other equipment can be found on the computer Bluetooth, or can not be found.
2, GM settings this search phone Bluetooth or other Bluetooth devices.
3, come out to add the Bluetooth Setup Wizard window.
4, search for Bluetooth devices.
5, the phone Bluetooth or open the other Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth will be able to find the surrounding Bluetooth devices. 6, set the paired Bluetooth password, no can also, let the system automatically generate the key.
 7, the system will automatically generate a key, this string of digital password input to the phone, you can pair successfully.
8, from the computer to send pictures or data to the phone or other Bluetooth devices, select the file you want to send the right mouse button to send to the Bluetooth device and then sent to the Bluetooth device, click the next step to complete.
File transfer process diagram
 1, from the phone to send pictures or file data to the computer, select your hands to send the file, point to send by Bluetooth and then select the computer to find Bluetooth, enter the key.
2, from the phone before the computer, the first computer to receive the Bluetooth point of the file, out of the window, so that the phone was sent to the computer, the computer can receive, otherwise, will prompt to send failure.
3, out of this window, is waiting to receive the file, indicating that the computer is ready, waiting for the Bluetooth sent over.
4, mobile phone point to send, the computer will appear to receive the progress of documents, ultra-fast Oh.
This is to get, MINI external Bluetooth adapter you to wireless high-speed fast and convenient.