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Teach you to choose suitable for business, working Bluetooth headset

  • Pengarang:Benson
  • Melepaskan pada:2017-02-20
1. Bluetooth version

Two days ago has been introduced in various versions of Bluetooth, already know, different versions of Bluetooth performance and function vary greatly. Now the latest version of Bluetooth 4.2LE, Bluetooth 5.0 version is also coming out. The new version of the Bluetooth is not only fast transmission, power saving and more secure. So be able to, if you ask for a higher, try to choose a higher version of Bluetooth. 
mini 503 bluetooth headset

3. Bluetooth multi-point connection function (number of pairs)

Many business people will have a number of mobile phones, or notebooks, smart watches and so on Bluetooth devices. At this time you need to use the Bluetooth multi-point connection function. The Bluetooth headset is connected to the above device at the same time. Every equipment can take care of, work, entertainment and relaxation correct. 

4. Standby time

Now almost all built-in Bluetooth headset rechargeable lithium battery. Travel outside will often use the Bluetooth headset, but not much time to charge. This requires the actual use of Bluetooth headset time and standby time to be long enough to generally reach 4 hours long call time to meet the needs of most business people.