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Bluetooth audio introduction, the advantages of Bluetooth audio and features

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-02-10
With the Bluetooth speakers become the darling of the field of digital speakers, more and more friends have interest in the Bluetooth speakers, they want to know the previous Bluetooth speakers and digital speakers are different, why become hot, the following music angel music angel Xiaobian to tell us about the advantages and characteristics of Bluetooth speakers.
digital speakers

1. High signal to noise ratio:

Bluetooth audio recording format is binary code, playback only judge "0" or "1". As a result, the noise of the recording medium has little influence on the signal-to-noise ratio of the reproduced signal. While the analog audio recording format is a continuous sound signal in the recording process will be subject to, such as tape noise, to be superimposed on the sound signal on the deterioration of sound quality, although in the analog sound to take measures to reduce noise, but not from the root .


2. Low distortion:

In the analog audio playback process, the head of the nonlinear distortion will be introduced, this need to take AC bias magnetic recording and other measures, but the distortion still exists. In the Bluetooth audio, the magnetic head only work in the magnetic saturation or non-magnetic two states, said 1 or 0, there is no linear head requirements.


3. Good reproducibility:

The Bluetooth audio device does not deteriorate the sound quality after copying and replaying several times. The traditional analog cassette tape recording, each time the dubbed, tape recorded noise must be increased, resulting in each dubbing to reduce the signal to noise ratio of about 3dB, sub-band as the master, Sun band as sub-band, sound quality successive .


4. Shaking rate is small:

Bluetooth audio playback system Due to the timing correction circuit, rotating system, the instability of the drive system does not cause shaking, and thus does not require as accurate as the analog recording mechanical system.


5. Strong adaptability:

Bluetooth audio is recorded binary code, a variety of processing can be carried out as a numerical operation, and can not change the hardware, only the software operation, easy to computer control, so adaptable.


6. Easy integration:

Easy to use ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, and 整机 easy debugging, stable performance, high reliability, easy to mass production, can reduce costs.