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Bluetooth speaker class you know how much

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-06-27
Many people are using Bluetooth speakers, but did not really realize the classification of Bluetooth speakers, the next will tell you some common Bluetooth classification

The first category: single speaker mini portable type
Mini portable Bluetooth speakers in the pronunciation of the unit is divided into a main speaker, a speaker + a bass radiator, a speaker + inverted hole and the speaker diaphragm and so on several. In the function is mainly divided into ordinary monocular mini-Bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini-Bluetooth speakers and so on. 

Ordinary single tube mini Bluetooth speaker
The initial stage of the Bluetooth speaker with this simple monocular Bluetooth speaker is the most prosperous. As the structure of a simple process, without special technical support to attract a large number of manufacturers, due to cheap and very popular with Bluetooth speakers like the crowd, a time on the market this number of speakers.

Outdoor monocular mini Bluetooth speaker
As the ordinary mini-Bluetooth speakers is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, so the outdoor mini-Bluetooth speakers will emerge as the times require. Its wireless, portable, home outdoor use can be, to achieve the basic requirements of water and drop, to meet the simple outdoor sports, but also because of the small size of the limitations of its sound quality can not have a greater breakthrough, only in the Portability and waterproof drop on a breakthrough, life on the general 3 to 5 hours of life time can only be a short outdoor activities.

The second category: dual speaker sound quality and portability of the perfect combination
This kind of Bluetooth speakers in the pronunciation unit is divided into two main speakers, two speakers + a diaphragm, two speakers + inverted hole, two speakers + two diaphragm and so on several. In the function is mainly divided into mini-home-type Bluetooth speakers and outdoor sports Bluetooth speakers.

Mini home type Bluetooth speakers
This type of speaker in the sound quality has been a greater degree of improvement can basically meet the vast majority of the use of the crowd, unless you are very high quality requirements of professional requirements. Its sound quality is small and portable, basically the size of the palm, suitable for home furnishings, modeling and diverse product design difference is a good Bluetooth speaker.

Outdoor sports type Bluetooth speakers
Outdoor sports Bluetooth speakers for the Bluetooth speakers on the market upstart. He gathered a number of advantages in front of several speakers, speakers grip good for portable, both to meet the home, but also to meet the long hours of outdoor use. As the professional and technical requirements of the use of materials is relatively high, generally only some big brands of business design and production, work more detailed, more sophisticated materials, have some technical support. Its sound quality can reach a relatively high level, better than the general Bluetooth speakers, to meet the vast majority of users.