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Bluetooth speaker to buy what to see?

  • Author:Chris
  • Release on :2018-06-11
Bluetooth speaker to buy what to see?
Why buy some low-priced "useless" speakers, why not just choose a good one step in place? The first is to sum up this personal experience, with a variety of different speakers, it may be more in-depth experience experience; the second step in place this argument also does not exist, everything is not absolute, after all, new features are constantly Applications, such as tandem play, aptX support, support for LDAC, support for NFC, and other features have also become a part of consideration for purchases as mobile phones and tablets are updated.

          A6 Thin Bluetooth Speaker with touch

See the title, do you have any idea about the purchase of Bluetooth speakers, you will focus on what is mentioned in the title?
             A5 ceiling bluetooth speaker
The current Bluetooth speaker market has long been saturated, the problem of homogeneity is more obvious, the same price of Bluetooth speakers in the hardware configuration but there is a difference but not obvious, the function is increasingly rich and varied, the design is also more and more simple and beautiful, many brands It also made it difficult to choose. Personally, the preferred brand is more about the trust of the branded Bluetooth speaker in terms of workmanship and tuning, but the brand is not a decisive factor in the purchase. Naturally, it needs to be comprehensively considered from the perspective of price, function and hardware configuration. The related product reviews have reference value but are not the basis for your decision to purchase.

          Music bluetooth speaker with fm radio
If individuals prioritize prices, features, and hardware configurations, then they will be hardware configurations, features, and prices. But in fact, there is a big premise, that is, whether you want to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker or a home-powered speaker, involving personal actual use scenarios. But why the hardware configuration in the first place? Because it can be said that the basis of Bluetooth speakers, to a certain extent, directly determines the number of features. In addition Bluetooth speakers are divided into traditional Bluetooth speakers and intelligent voice speakers two categories, there are obvious differences in the hardware configuration, such as pickup MIC, can be connected to WiFi, etc., which is the need to consider the focus of contrast