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Bluetooth speakers are not born for good sound

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-05-15
Small size, compact design determines the Mini Bluetooth speaker sound quality ceiling will not be too high, and Bluetooth transmission will also bring some of the sound quality of Bluetooth speaker.

In order to get a better sense of hearing under limited conditions, the Mini Bluetooth speakers need to be compromised in the sound style, but neither the enthusiast of the Bose Soundlink Mini nor the loyalty of the Sugr Cube will face the situation of 2 election 1.

The value of the Mini Bluetooth speakers is more rich than the traditional speakers of the application scene: go out, we can like a bottle of water with the same as the Bluetooth speaker installed in the backpack; by adding lanyards in the speaker, increase the waterproof, etc., Bluetooth Sound can also cover the traditional speakers can not imagine the place.

And this is also the design of Bluetooth speakers such products in mind, it is not to provide the best sound, but to adapt to more occasions, and then try to tone the tone of the point.