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Bluetooth speaker selection to see what (四)

  • Author:Chris
  • Release on :2018-06-14

9. Other configurations (NFC, screens, lights, etc.)

For NFC, there are better, and the reason is naturally that it is more convenient to use with an NFC-enabled mobile phone, and generally the price may be higher. As for the screen part, the basic is used to display the time, alarm clock, song name, connection method, etc. It is not necessarily a touch screen design. Lighting effects are more of a kind of embellishment and look more sloppy. If you support custom lighting, you can improve the playability, but it is not suitable for everyone, and it is not worth paying for the premium of such additional functions. After all, it is only subsidiary. Function only.

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For the function part, the traditional Bluetooth speaker has already supported the play of the same type speaker in the gameplay, such as the UE Megaboom, the bird libratone too/zipp, etc., and the playability and the audition effect will bring a great improvement, but in The cost will be higher; smart voice speakers are less common, but they are more practical and playable. In addition to voice interaction (chat, on-demand, living services), In order to realize the linkage control of the smart home, only the voice is needed to complete the related operations. Although this type of intelligent voice speaker supports the voice payment function, from the current situation, it can be used as an early adopter, but it is not recommended for daily use to ensure the safety of your own property.

This part of the sound quality is unavoidable for people who care about the audition effect. Objectively speaking, most portable Bluetooth speakers can not be directly compared with active speakers in terms of sound quality. After all, there are restrictions on sound units and power. Some people may say that the sound quality is metaphysics, that they are not able to hear the fungus, and that a thousand dollars or less listen to a sound, such as blablabla... This kind of person either deceives himself or is a person. First of all, sound quality is not metaphysics, but you need to audition yourself, the criteria for judgment is to discuss the ears do not like, choose speakers that meet their own hearing habits; followed by fungus is a pseudo-definition, just deceive yourself or just an excuse, you Contrast listening to different prices, different brands of Bluetooth speakers, naturally can know which sound quality is better, you can go to the physical store to compare listening without buying.

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The significance of listening offline is to allow you to truly experience the real performance of the speakers, rather than being led by the manufacturers or some so-called media articles, and how to describe the highlights is not even more direct than the actual audition. It also makes more sense. When listening to the audition, please pay attention to two parts. First, how does the sound field behave, if the volume is large enough, and whether there is a pop noise at the maximum volume; second, try to listen to the audio files you brought with you. How, especially the part of the vocal, whether the sound is mellow, whether the degree of separation is obvious, and whether there is distortion.

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For the part of the price, the difference will be great. After all, the brands on the market are divided into domestic brands, domestic cottages, and international brands. The targeted groups are also different. If you only stay in listening to a sound, then you can directly choose the domestic brand of cottage can be, in general, will be more functional and full, suitable for people who do not have high budget or do not pay attention to sound quality; domestic brands are more assured in the use and after-sales Relatively moderate in price, suitable for people with a certain budget and more emphasis on sound quality; and international brands are relatively more expensive than domestic brands of the same type, and are more suitable for people with higher budgets, such as digital talents. And geek players. However, personally speaking, price is not a decisive factor and can vary depending on actual product features, hardware configuration and sound quality.