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Buy headphones preferred sports bluetooth headset

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-04-27
Today, the demand for wireless devices has been increasing, and these include Bluetooth headset; Bluetooth headset both sports, music Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth headset communication, are favored by young people nowadays; they are the biggest advantages is that you can release your hands, so you are driving, doing housework, when the office can also listen to music and hands-free phone calls.
Bluetooth headset market is now divided into three categories: sports, music, communications; these three Bluetooth headset has its own characteristics and uses, but for now, sports Bluetooth headset is the most popular and highest degree of concern, followed by communications Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset and the music came in the final surface; Since Bluetooth transmission for there will be some loss of sound quality, so the pursuit of quality for users will still choose the traditional wired headphones.

While Bluetooth headsets are now more popular sports, but I also found that there was still a lot of white users encounter a lot of small problems before and after purchase of the product, such as the shape of choice, wear strong, signal reception problems, noise, and other life; coupled with the court listing fake and knockoff, so a lot of quality for white users Bluetooth headset skeptical; so today I will for these common problems for everyone induction and explain some attention to buy sports Bluetooth headset matter.

1. compact shape and comfortable to wear is the preferred
Art must be simple:
we carry wear during exercise equipment is definitely better, if you are using traditional wired headset, then you have the other with a mobile phone or MP3 player, however, these devices will become a burden to your movement; if using a Bluetooth headset, you just have to put on the headset, the phone can play music on the side , and instantly make you an easy exercise.
In the purchase of sports Bluetooth headset, we must take simple shapes as the first criterion, in addition to two headsets and a connection, do not have any extra attachments; and some sports Bluetooth headset shape will become more cumbersome to wear it is simple enough, there will be some impact on comfort during exercise. So for a sports Bluetooth headset, the compact shape is very important.
Firmness and wearing comfort:
In addition to simple shape, firmness and comfort when wearing a Bluetooth headset for sports is also very important; for example, a movement of people regularly go to the gym for at least an hour but also to ensure exercise time; during this time, we will run, jump and do other sports equipment, which we need to wear sports headphones will not fall because of strenuous exercise, otherwise it will completely disrupt your rhythm. Also feeling, without a good comfort, your ears are likely to occur at some time after the body motion pain and oppression, so comfort is what we need to pay special attention to when buying Sport Bluetooth Headset (suggest that you You can see more users for reviews).

2. good sound and stable signal is equally important
Definitely better sound effects:
Our normal life has a lot of noise, car speakers, square dancing aunt downstairs, next door decoration; and in the same motion will be noise, take the gym, it usually always put some pop music (also often taste not ye), which is why everyone listen to their own music during exercise; so you need a headset with good sound effects, ear is the preferred course, but not all of the in-ear headphones have good sound insulation; we therefore suggest that you try to able to do so go to the store audition; If you can not, then you can see more user reviews or to the side using a Bluetooth headset sports a friend borrow. In short, your sports headphones may not sound good, but certainly not without good sound effect, or it may be because the surrounding noise affect mood when you exercise.

3.Stable signal reception is more important:
For a Bluetooth headset, the stable signal reception is also very important, it will directly affect your mood during exercise; although now on the market, many Bluetooth headsets are claiming their products within a range of 10 meters can be achieved effectively signal reception; however, in actual use, we will often find signals received many Bluetooth headsets are not very stable, even in some 5 meters away began to appear intermittent signal problems; therefore, we must at the time of purchase Note that signal reception Bluetooth headset.
Directed to signal reception problems, I have two suggestions here; we need to select the Bluetooth 4.0+ headphones and sports; Also note that the Bluetooth receiver position, and some in the left headphone, and some on the right headset; whether it is on which side, we try not to let your phone with a Bluetooth receiver appears between the obstruction, so as to better safeguard the stability of the signal received.