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Can wireless bluetooth headset connect to a computer?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-06-12

Habit, we use a computer outside sounds not audio is to use headphones to listen to with a line, did it ever occur to you, computers can also use the handy Bluetooth headset? Small make up today than we did with Bluetooth headset and connect computers.

First, you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter, because the computer is not a built-in Bluetooth device, so we gave it a Bluetooth device. Any electronic markets are sold, I can also, dozens of bucks, USB port, CD drive small disc. Driver CD is installed OK.

Second, due to the different software interfaces are not the same, only describes the general operation, open the desktop after installing a new build of the Bluetooth icon, click search or find equipment, and mobile search is a reasonable, after the search to add to each other.

Third, this is the Bluetooth is connected to your computer, but cannot hear, require final step settings. Open sounds and multimedia properties, click on the audio options, the preferred device for sound playback and sound recording devices are selected as follows: Bluetooth AV Audio. So you can use the computer to listen to music.

If you are using a third-party software such as QQ, then make separate settings in the software, QQ tool in the input/output devices to Bluetooth AV Audio video audio adjustment will be sound. Other software is similar. Well, now you can wirelessly communicate freely.