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Common Bluetooth headset problems

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-04
With the development of high-tech, Bluetooth headset as a tool for voice communication, it's small, easy to operate, many styles. Is the traditional headphones can not match. Bluetooth headset more and more people welcome, but as a technology product, how to distinguish between ordinary people what kind of Bluetooth headset? Understanding is not enough depth, in the course of the use of a variety of problems encountered, let's take a closer look at the following 
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Problem 1: Compatibility, our electronic products are often not produced by a company, so that their functional compatibility compatibility is not the same, some even completely incompatible, or part of the function is not compatible.

Question 2: the signal is not good, some users always complain about their Bluetooth headset voice is always intermittent, one will be disconnected, one will be connected, so that they are very bitter, for this problem, we give the answer Several programs, first, product quality issues, including our mobile phone and other devices Bluetooth and Bluetooth headset's own function, this need to verify the product; perhaps you are in the Bluetooth headset to accept the edge of the distance, so that the signal is good When the external signal interference, interference from other equipment signals can also cause this situation.

Question three: sound messy, not clear. This problem is related to the second question, the first signal is not good on the one hand, followed by the Bluetooth headset itself may also be poor performance, no noise reduction or noise reduction function is not strong.

Question 4: battery life is poor, this is a lot of Bluetooth headphones spacious disease, a lot of Bluetooth headset comes with battery capacity lead to frequent user charging, but a good Bluetooth headset can have a power-saving features.

Question 5: the operation is cumbersome, this is a very impact on the user experience, Bluetooth headset was originally to provide people with convenience, the general driving driver or business people with more busy, if the operation is too frequent, this product will be eliminated, Now the mainstream trend is voice control, very convenient.