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Common mini bluetooth headset earphone problem

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-07-07
With the development of high-tech,mini bluetooth headset has become a trend for voice communication tools, its compact, easy operation, and cost savings is the traditional headphones can not match the Bluetooth headset more and more people received, but As a technology products, ordinary people on the Bluetooth headset earphone which brand of good? The understanding is not enough depth, in the course of the use of a variety of problems, such as:

 Problem 1: Compatibility, our electronic products are often not produced by a company, so that their functional matching compatibility is not the same, and some even completely incompatible. Or part of the function is not compatible, for example, Samsung Bluetooth headset can call to listen to music, but Nokia can only use the phone, this is a product is not compatible with the phenomenon; there is a Bluetooth headset version is not compatible, many Our phones and other new products with Bluetooth capabilities are based on the latest Bluetooth technology to adapt to the headset, the older version of Bluetooth is compatible.

Question 2: the signal is not good, some users always complain about their Bluetooth headset voice is always intermittent, one will be disconnected for a while and so that they are very upset, for this problem, we give a few answers Aspects of the first, product quality problems, including our mobile phone and other devices Bluetooth and Bluetooth headset their own Bluetooth function, which requires product verification; second, perhaps you are in the Bluetooth headset to accept the edge of the edge, let it signal Good time and bad, such as your Bluetooth function up to 10 meters, and you often use the Bluetooth headset at a distance of more than 8 meters, of course, the above situation; Third, the external signal interference, interference from other equipment signals can Cause this situation.

 Problem three; sound messy, not clear, the problem with the second issue of a relationship, the first signal is not good on the one hand, and secondly there may be because the Bluetooth headset itself poor performance, no noise reduction function, or noise reduction capability is not strong The