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Do you know the MR161 Bluetooth speaker?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-24
While there are many low-priced bluetooth speakers out there, it’s really challenging to find a decent one with reasonably good sound quality.That being said, it’s no wonder why the MR161 bluetooth speaker left its customers amazed. It’s probably HALF the price of most of the cheapest bluetooth speakers out there, but unlike most of them, it produces a great sound.Here are some of the notable features it comes with.

Well, first things first, you must be really joking if you expect it to come with the best sound quality, or being bass perfect. It’s one of the cheapest bluetooth speakers on the market, and for the price, offers a really amazing sound.With a speaker output of 3W, the sound is more than loud enough, as many customers use it in the shower (yes, it’s waterproof too!) and are very impressed with it as they can hear everything clearly over the noise of the water.Besides the minor loss of details, the sound quality is really great for the price.

Great Battery Life

A particular customer mentioned in their review that they were able to play it daily for 20-30 minutes for several weeks on a single charge. This means that the battery life, too, is quite impressive.

While some customers were a little annoyed as the charge cable is not micro-USB, it’s apparently to protect the speaker against the water. If not for the rubber cap that seals it off, the speaker would have been prone to damage from water.
Similarly, though it’s water-resistant, it’s actually just splash-proof. You shouldn’t drop it in water.

Easy Controls and Some Cool Additional Features

While some of the significantly more expensive bluetooth speakers out there leave their customers disappointed over the lack of buttons for controlling the music without using their phone, the MR161 comes with five buttons that let you do everything you need to while listening to music.There are the volume buttons, play and pause buttons, forward and backward buttons. They also make hand-free calling a breeze.
The built-in mic works great for both indoor and outdoor use. The MR161 is a bluetooth 3.0 speaker and compatible with most devices.