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Do you know what kind of sports headset?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-01
Smart phones greatly facilitate our lives, songs, chanting, watching live, K song ... function day by day strong. As an important part of the phone headset is almost a hand. If you are a sportsman, train, cabin, long journey, a noise-canceling headset allows you to fully enjoy the quiet world belongs to you, if you are a sportsman, sports headset can make you in the music world in the hearty; The If you are a headset enthusiast, a high-resolution high-fidelity music headset allows you to enjoy the feast every day. All of all, first you have to have a headset for you. Did you choose right? Today, Lin Lin Xin Xiaobian give you the first introduction: sports-oriented headset for sports. What should I do for a sporty headset?
S9 bluetooth headset
1. Wear stable

Movement can not avoid the body shaking. If the wear is not strong, it is very easy to fall. Movement is in full swing, headphones suddenly fall, will be quite disappointing. If it is broken or lost it is more depressed. Many headset manufacturers and headset factories have sports headphones designed for sport. Which after hanging headphones, headphones hanging headphones hanging headset is a very good choice.

2. Waterproof

The movement will certainly be a lot of sweat, the general headphones are not only vulnerable to sweat erosion, and if it is not specially treated braided wire headphones are also very easy to filth, breed bacteria. If it is waterproof headphones, you can facilitate our users to clean up.

3. Light and comfortable

To ensure that the whole body is very comfortable state in order to have a better mood. If the headset is cumbersome, not only do not put hands and feet, and the long time is also very tired. Weight, inertia is also large, it is easy to throw out.

4. Try to avoid the auscultation effect

The so-called "auscultation effect" means: "stethoscope effect is common in the ear-style earphones, that is, the ear plug line or unit by the external collision or air friction, the vibration generated through the ear plug line (the general line of the general hardness is good Conduction vibration) to the ear canal, resulting in very unpleasant friction sound. "Most of the movement of the larger range, if the headset line, or headphones connected part of the body has been friction and collision, auscultation effect will be more obvious. Movement should be a kind of enjoyment, how can this discordant experience?

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