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Do you still worry about charging your Bluetooth headset?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-06-14
For Bluetooth headset users, the headset battery usage time is very important, relative to the old paragraph of the Bluetooth headset, and now the market is very popular hot headphones more popular, because the small headset is more powerful endurance, sound quality and Do not lose to the big headphones, while easy to carry. Today to introduce a Bluetooth binaural headset - HV 316T mini Bluetooth earphone.

The design of the HV 316T mini Bluetooth earphone subverts the traditional design, the charger and the protection of the shell into one, the user in the outdoors do not have to worry about headphones without electricity, do not worry too much headset is easy to lose, the most critical is this Headset using Bluetooth 4.1 version of the Bluetooth chip, heavy bass effect is very good, fully meet the requirements of Bluetooth headset enthusiasts.