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Features of bluetooth sunglasses

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-05-08
The role of sunglasses is self-evident, whether it is fashion sunglasses or just retro, sunglasses are to achieve the UV index, with eye protection. Sunglasses and Bluetooth sunglasses not only has its own role, and there are others with the role, so that the wearer not only enjoy the visual sense of pleasure, there are other senses and so on.

Bluetooth sunglasses big difference is that it is with headphones. Bluetooth headset typically deducted at the edge of the frame, the design is very unique, but also easy to wear. And Bluetooth wireless transmission function, can show up, for example, form a wireless connection with the phone, the call is very convenient. Some design more advanced, you can also record. But because it is Bluetooth, so the effective range is also the limitations, the general Bluetooth sunglasses can reach several hours of talk time, standby time is relatively long.
Sunglasses Bluetooth headset typically has a key, volume control, call answer key, charging slot, a USB port charging. Bluetooth sunglasses general use is very simple, first open the latch on the headset, and then latch aligned frames, then fasten the latch can be. Some special Smart Bluetooth headset can also be connected to the navigation software on your smartphone, voice navigation can be said to be particularly intelligent.
Bluetooth sunglasses intelligent, and more convenient for users, and different Bluetooth sunglasses, there may be a number of different functions, and generally better Bluetooth sunglasses designed to be more humane, many aspects can be adjusted, and the full realization wearing comfort as well as easy to use.