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"Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show" Product Debut

  • Author:Chris
  • Release on :2018-04-09
  The world's largest mobile electronics procurement event "Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show" will be held from April 18th to April 21st at the AsiaWorld.
  As an excellent supplier of 3C electronic products, LAPUTA will bring its smart home-based
  This time I will introduce you to our latest MC-30 product. First of all, let's look at the details of the product.
  MC-30 wireless charging is made of aluminum alloy + fabric material, Micro USB 5pin, has a very good heat dissipation, bottom non-slip silicone pad, LED indicator. At the same time, the MC-30 wireless charger has a FOD foreign object detection function. When a metal or magnetic object such as a coin or a key is placed on the product, the indicator light flashes and the wireless charger sounds, and the wireless charging does not charge. We also give this wireless full protection, let you use the ease and comfort.
  MC-30 can support 5W/7.5W/10W charging, Qi/CE/FCC/RoHS certification, can provide you with a full range of options