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Headset enthusiasts must know the pros and cons of the silver line

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-15
Now more and more people playing headphones, thousands of months or even more expensive headphones also according to buy not mistaken. And many headset enthusiasts are not satisfied with the original headset line, resulting in the idea of ​​changing the line. Also led to the domestic headset line upgrade market is very hot. New enthusiasts are not so familiar with the headset, and because of the impact of HiFi, silver line for the line is very sought after. Silver as a precious metal, itself has been given to the high-end, rare feeling. Coupled with its performance on the headset is indeed impressive, resulting in many enthusiasts do not consider the characteristics of the headset itself, blindly pursue the silver line. Headset maker pointed out that this is very wrong!

Silver line in the high-frequency transmission is indeed more advantages, sense of detail and sense of space are more obvious, at first glance can really make people ears light up feeling. But the silver line headset may not be so Naiting, a long time, will produce fast, strong sense of fatigue.

Compared to copper sound mellow, low frequency calm, high frequency is not so bright, relatively warm and endurance, although in the resolution, high frequency extension and other individual qualities with the silver line has a significant gap, but because the copper More affordable, more suitable for all kinds of music, more in line with the public aesthetic, so the major headphones are widely used in wire rods as a signal transmission wire. Even more than 10,000 yuan above the top headphones, but also the choice of copper wire as a wire instead of silver, so visible headset with copper wire is not just because of the cost of the reasons, the sound matching problem is fundamental.