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Headset manufacturers teach you how to properly charge your Bluetooth headset

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-07
Buy a new Bluetooth headset charge to charge how long? Many headphones when the factory is not fully charged. So in order to fully activate the battery, the first three Bluetooth headset charge charge 6-8 hours, after each 2-3 hours is almost the same. Bluetooth headset when charging, usually bright red light, full of red light after the extinguished (also may be bright blue or green. Specific instructions)

Bluetooth headset how to charge it?

1. Select the appropriate Bluetooth headset charger. Newly bought Bluetooth headset must have a dedicated charger, if the charger is damaged or lost, you can also find the same interface the same rated output power charger. Charging interface generally have round hole and Mini USB universal interface.

2. Charging, the charging plug to be inserted all, can not only insert half. Easily damage the Bluetooth headset. And plug the need to pinch the plug, light some pull out, so as not to plug loose, resulting in contact is not working.

3. When the Bluetooth headset is fully charged, unplug the power supply. Although most of the Bluetooth headset now has a protective circuit to prevent overcharge, be careful is always good.

4. Use a cradle or charge to charge the Bluetooth headset to charge a little slower. For security, try not to use the Bluetooth headset when charging, the reason and do not use the same phone when charging.