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How do I buy a Bluetooth headset?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-04
First: buy a Bluetooth headset when we first look at what we buy Bluetooth headset is what to do, that is, to buy the use of Bluetooth headset. The general words of their own just to answer the phone, then you can buy a relatively low price, the function can be a small. If you listen to the news, then you can buy a middle, and if you listen to music, then we have to buy a high-end, after all, but the price is high but good, through it allows us to deeply understand the Bluetooth headset so wonderful.

Second: compatibility, although the Bluetooth headset itself does not exist a lot of compatibility issues, but we have to look at the Bluetooth headset when you look at, with their own mobile phones and other people's mobile phone try, after all, compatibility will affect To our call quality. Some Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with the phone, mainly because the specifications are different. Bluetooth headset now has two major specifications --- HandfreeProfile (HFP) and HeadsetPro-file (HSP). HFP stands for handsfree, and HSP represents headphone function. Consumers must first figure out what kind of specifications their phones support, and then select the appropriate Bluetooth headset pairing use. HFP format Bluetooth headset support mobile phone function is relatively complete, consumers can operate on the headset phone redemption, call retention, call rejection and other hands-free option function.

Third: the transmission distance, Bluetooth headset transmission distance is also more concerned about the issue. Bluetooth headset transmission distance and Bluetooth version has nothing to do, mainly depends on the advanced level of technology.

Fourth: wear comfort, buy time to see if it is not human design, the so-called human design is not a different eardrum and design, if so we wear for a long time will not fatigue, if not , Wearing a long time will have a feeling of uncomfortable.

Fifth: standby time, the length of standby time will directly affect the use of Bluetooth headset satisfaction. Standby time is long to avoid always charge us to bring the trouble.

Sixth: pick shape, in addition to functional considerations, the appearance of Bluetooth headset and wear comfort is also the consumer must pay attention to the key. Everyone face different, the user before the purchase to try to wear comfort, and then shot to buy.