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How does the Bluetooth headset connect with your computer phone

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-07-05
Bluetooth headset how to connect with the computer phone use First of all, you must have a Bluetooth headset with a function of two, if you do not have to think through my countless times silly experiment, and finally found to be installed in this order

① First headset and mobile phone connection: the order is, first, first open the phone Bluetooth. Second, open the headphones, long press the headset switch Do not let go, and other mobile phone search match when do not let go, until the tips have been connected to let go. Third, the test under the headset and the phone is connected successfully, and then turn off the headset, and then turn off the phone Bluetooth.

② Then connect the computer and headset: the order is, first, open the computer control panel, select - hardware and sound. Open, find add bluetooth device, point open, second, open the headset switch, long press, watch the device inside the headset icon, and then the next step, followed by a good order. Then turn off the headphones. Third, open the headset again, note that this time to open the headset, the switch must be short press, hear that the boot after the prompt sound quickly release, or will not be connected. After a short press, hear the headset appears ding dong after the tone is connected successfully, that is, Bluetooth headset and computer has been connected. Fourth, test whether the Bluetooth headset sounds, if not, right click on the sound icon - select the playback device. Find the right of the Bluetooth headset properties - choose to set the default device. Point to confirm it. Test again, that is, from the Bluetooth headset pronunciation. 

③ at the same time and computer, mobile phone connection: in accordance with the above order ① and ② after the first, if the Bluetooth headset and computer attached to it, first turn off the Bluetooth headset. If the Bluetooth headset is off, the first boot, pay attention to boot when short press. ---- This time the computer is open Bluetooth, Bluetooth is the second cell phone, Bluetooth headset boot after a short press, the first computer has been prompted to connect, and then open the phone Bluetooth, manual point under the headset, ok The At this time, when no Bluetooth headset. Directly turn off the headset on it. The next time, then, open the Bluetooth headset, first with the computer connection, and then open the phone Bluetooth, mobile phone and Bluetooth connection on the line. Remember, when not in Bluetooth, must first turn off the headset, and then turn off the phone Bluetooth or computer Bluetooth