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How does the computer connect to a portable Bluetooth speaker?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-03
First look at the computer there is no Bluetooth function module, if not, need to buy another Bluetooth module, generally have a USB interface, the size and U disk almost, if you want to support the distance far, you can buy high-power, with antenna , A lot of market types, you can choose the scene. 
mr161 bluetooth speaker
Then install the Bluetooth module driver. Finally, refer to the Bluetooth module and portable Bluetooth speaker manual, so that the Bluetooth module and portable Bluetooth speakers search each other, search, set the password, pairing, matching is complete, you can use. In addition the computer can choose the way the sound output, after the general will automatically select the Bluetooth mode, if not, you can from the control panel, sound options manually set.

Notebook comes with Bluetooth, just install the hardware driver, can only output file data, and can not transmit audio, you need to install a Bluetooth audio control software.