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How is the wireless Bluetooth speaker used? Bluetooth speakers can not be connected to the solut

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-06

How is the wireless Bluetooth speaker used? Wireless Bluetooth speakers connected to the power, just turn on the power switch, hold the fuselage front Bluetooth switch until you hear two "beep" and the Bluetooth indicator flashes, indicating that Bluetooth has been turned on and has entered the search mode, Through the phone and other compatible Bluetooth mobile device search, the connection can be synchronized to play the speaker, and sometimes in the installation of wireless Bluetooth speakers also encountered a problem, Bluetooth speakers can search but can not connect.
wireless bluetooth speaker
The following causes of failure analysis;

   1, the system problems can not connect

   2, Bluetooth speaker settings error ? The solution is as follows:

First, the phone or tablet can search to the Bluetooth speaker, but after the election can not connect

   1.1 Connect the Bluetooth speakers to other devices to see if there is a problem with the speakers.

   1.2 to see whether the recent installation of the Bluetooth software, if any, it is recommended to uninstall.

   1.3 Restore the factory settings. 1.4 mobile phone re-brush machine.