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How powerful is the function of Bluetooth you know?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-05-16
Along with networking and digital boom, intelligent mania is sweeping every corner of the world, become irresistible historical trends in the world. Rising wave of intelligent home, is this trend emerged.

But in the modern family, the weak-current cable more and more. Such as a telephone line, cable, broadband lines, alarm signal lines, bring cables, and trouble; so weak systems need to be harmonized and standardized management of the family. However the family traditional wiring because construction is not standard, maintenance and not easy to use, and other factors, have been unable to adapt to the current needs of home improvement, not to meet the higher demands of intelligent home after. Bluetooth technology solved this problem makes it possible to wireless control in the smart home.

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth ERICSSON mobile communication company was started in 1994, with the aim of achieving the highest transmission rate 1MB/s (effective transfer rate 721Kb/s). 10M maximum transmission distance wireless communications.

"Blue tooth" (buletooh) is an open, short-distance wireless communication standards, is also the relatively new open specification for wireless communications technology. It can be on a smaller scale, by way of wireless connection, fixed equipment as well as communication between a mobile device and flexible, safe, low-cost, low-power networking; close range communication devices to seamlessly share resources, you can also access a variety of digital voice and data communication between devices. Since Bluetooth technology can be easily embedded into a single CMOS chip, therefore, especially suitable for small mobile devices, equipment to remove the inconvenience of connecting cable, recommended by wireless technology communication.

Bluetooth technology in the global 2.4GHZ ISM band, in theory, run with 2.4GHZ ISM-band technology can make 30m from devices connected to each other, but in fact it is difficult to achieve. At this stage, the Bluetooth transmission range up to 10m, while achieving 8 devices connected to each other. When it detects the distance is less than 10m, the receiving device can dynamically adjust power; when traffic decreases or stops, the Bluetooth device to enter the low-power mode.