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How to evaluate the Bluetooth speaker performance, Bluetooth speaker tips

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-14
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, we have a certain quality of life has improved. As everyone will be in their own homes to enjoy the good times, this time is essential Bluetooth sound. Now the Bluetooth speakers are getting more and more popular with some consumers.
mr161 bluetooth speaker
For consumers, the evaluation of the Bluetooth speakers in addition to some of the conventional, the general every link is with our usual daily user experience inseparable, the test of the project is more, all aspects of the test in place Caixing. So it is more concerned about how it performance, the following to see how to evaluate its performance.

1. Effective transmission distance of the evaluation, we will be targeted for physical barrier and no physical barrier in two ways to measure the transmission distance of each Bluetooth speaker.

2. Anti-interference ability to evaluate the general We will simulate the user's time to use the environment, such as a router interference environment, whether the Bluetooth speakers can be linked and so successful.

3. Compatibility evaluation, compatibility evaluation is more important, we will choose some of the front-end platform to test, not only to see whether the success of matching, but also depends on the complexity of the process of matching, whether it is more conducive to consumers accept.

4. Listening test, generally contains the quality of the call test and the quality of music playback test, the general measure of the standard is the conventional sound quality standards, in addition we also need to make a dialogue on the quality of Bluetooth speakers to do a comparison.