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Laputa new arrivel S110 qi standerd wireless charger

  • Author:Jhon
  • Release on :2018-01-25
   September 2017, Apple introduced a new generation of iPhone phones, from the small size of the iPhone 8 to the big screen of the iPhone X, all the wireless charging as a standard, once again raised the concern for wireless charging and hot. However, in order to experience the convenience of wireless charging, in addition to supporting this feature phone, a wireless charging base is also essential. Recently, the Raptor S110 Wireless Charging Base was introduced to the majority of digital players. It has the advantages of fashionable and portable, fast charging speed, safe and easy-to-use, can support iPhone 8 / 8Plus / X, Samsung S8 and other products, The player's smart choice.

Raptor S110 wireless charger is very simple shape, the body diameter of 50mm, height of only 9mm, you can easily carry in your pocket. Charger fuselage frame using space aluminum, sophisticated technology, with excellent texture. And the overall use of metal gray color, very business range children.

The Raptor S110 wireless charger supports the Qi charging standard, except for iPhone 8, other mobile phones, bracelets and other products that support this standard can be recharged, the maximum output power of 10W, with charging speed, low heat advantages , Save users waiting time, but also give more protection for mobile phones.

Laputa S110 wireless charger body width of only 1mm wider than the iPhone 8, the phone placed on top of the sensor can be easily aligned for maximum charging efficiency. This product's sensing distance up to 10mm, under normal circumstances without removing the phone case can charge for mobile phones, without disassembly, more freedom to use.

Raptor S110 wireless charger supports foreign body monitoring, if the phone affixed to the bottom of the metal sheet, you can automatically stop charging to avoid danger, but also has anti-overcharge, over-current, over-temperature, short circuit and other multiple protection, the battery is full Automatic power off, provide a full range of battery protection.

Raptor S110 Wireless Charger stylish design business, lightweight and portable, supports the most widely used now Qi charging standard, compatible with a variety of digital products, with charging speed, safe and efficient advantages for digital players need wireless charging Is a very good choice.