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Maintain the Bluetooth speaker of the methods and points, how to maintain the Bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-02-24
Bluetooth speaker is a product that can improve the taste of our lives, it is not only easy to carry, and the sound quality is quite good, loved by the majority of the crowd; but no matter how good the Bluetooth speakers also need us to carry out maintenance, The vast number of consumers friends can better enjoy the Bluetooth speakers to bring us the fun, the following teach you how to maintain the Bluetooth sound system several points.

A6 bluetooth speaker

First: the sound equipment to open, shutdown order. The correct set of audio equipment on and off the order of its maintenance is very important, not for the convenience of shut down when the total power of a pull, the boot is also the total power of a plug. This method looks very easy, but there are hidden dangers. Because this operation will produce inrush current and anti-peak voltage, the two shocks will often damage the audio equipment.


Second: the correct boot sequence is: in accordance with the direction of the audio signal signal boot, followed by open the source, the last power amplification. The correct shutdown sequence is the reverse of the power-on sequence: turn off the power amplifier and then turn off other devices. In particular, pay attention to the power amplifier in front of the switch machine, the volume of the knob should be 0, after the boot do not arbitrarily change the single, stereo or bridge and other work mode.


Third: the maintenance of dust cover. As the electronic product shell is exposed for a long time, it is easy to fall off, and it is easy to dust, whether it is from the aesthetic point of view or the use point of view, when the equipment does not need to use, with the dust cover measures to protect the equipment for a long time to use.


Fourth, the sound system inside the battery using the most equipment is a handheld wireless microphone, microphone base, remote control, touch screen, etc., most of the battery part of the device can be disassembled, then, in the longer time do not use them, you need Remove it from the equipment, so as to avoid damage caused by leakage of equipment or reduce battery life.

Five: the general equipment shell dust will be very little, and this time the most dusty place is the equipment inside, a lot of dust in the equipment running, from the vent into the equipment inside, in the long process of use, the accumulation of a lot of dust , If not timely cleaning, it will hinder the cooling of various components, which is likely to cause the components burned, so that equipment failure. Therefore, the recommended period of dust removal is 1 month to 6 months (depending on the specific use of the environment).


Sixth: regular dehumidification of the environment. As a very important factor affecting the life of electronic equipment - environmental humidity, there is no doubt that we must always pay attention. Usually in the whole system for a long time without the use of the case, ready to use before the environment should be dehumidified treatment (usually continuous dehumidification at least 1 hour); and in the case of weather back to the South, in ensuring the doors and windows closed At the same time, should also be carried out on the surrounding environment dehumidification treatment, until the phenomenon back to the south is significantly reduced).


Seven: the regular inspection of the box. The box includes all kinds of connectors, multi-function box, the importance of no less than the plug of the detection, because the use of the frequency of the box are generally higher, and the need for frequent plug, it is recommended every 3 Month docking box within the various types of joints for a comprehensive test.


Above to teach you how to maintain the Bluetooth sound system seven points of knowledge for everyone to share here, I believe we read this article later on how to maintain the mini-Bluetooth audio has been very clear, because only to grasp what parts are needed Focus to maintain, in order to make it longer service life.