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New product orientation, the most popular products for customers

  • Author:chris
  • Release on :2018-04-28
New product orientation, the most popular products for customers
      The four-day Hong Kong Electronics Show has ended. As an excellent supplier of 3C electronic products, after in-depth research and intense discussions with industry partners, laputa launched home-themed Bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers and other products. Well received by the customers of the show, the following will introduce you to the most favored products during the exhibition, hoping to bring you a huge harvest.
      1. MC-006 Stand wireless charger
            The prototype of the bracket wireless charging is a hot metal bracket for Amazon. It adopts a minimalist and practical design concept. In just six months, the sales volume of a popular shop has nearly 2,000, and it has received high praise. We have upgraded it and added it. The wireless charging feature lets you put it down.

     2. Metal mini speaker
          To say that the most popular speakers,F1 mini speakers on the ultimate, which is our latest home audio and video features a small speaker, is also the best selling style on the market. The F1 mini bluetooth speaker uses built-in magnetic speakers to pair them with powerful 3D sounds into a stereo system. The bottom of the speaker is magnetically designed to connect to any steel or sticker surface, allowing you to experience an immersive experience anytime, anywhere.
   3.R9 speaker - the best choice for gifts
          Because the drum design is different from the bottom of the breathing lamp and become the only choice for the customer's gift list. The R9 Bluetooth speaker is based on the shape of a Chinese drum. It uses an aluminum alloy case to give you a different tactile sensation. It has a built-in magnetic horn in 3W, shocking bass, and a bottom LED breathing light to enjoy the rhythm of music.

   4. Metal charging pad
         UP110 wireless charging uses LED soft aperture, always knows the state of charge, the body is made of aluminum alloy material, ultra-thin cooling, easy to carry, you still worry about the iPhone can not fast charge it? 7.5W Apple fast charge, enjoy a quick experience, you deserve it.