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Noise free bluetooth headset for this knowledge you have to decode?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-05-25
Voice has become the most fundamental human pursuit, and clear voice not only to shorten the distance between people, but you will also make your surroundings become empty, and makes noise disappear without a trace.

Noise pop

People may never have an urgent demand for noise, we rarely see this technique while on the phone, but the noise has become a selling point for the survival of the high-end Bluetooth headset, call, after all, quality is all Bluetooth headsets, so road noise is no reason not to.

Analysis of principle of noise-canceling headphones

Noise is also a voice call with vocals mixed together, therefore you must use special means to differentiate. With the most common wind noise, for example, at 24 km/h wind-noise environment, sound's waveform as shown in figure a, not only messy, and you can see straight, sharp, large amplitude waveform, this time vocals completely covered by wind, so impossible to hear. After noise reduction tool, waveform as shown in Figure b, not just clean, clear a lot and did not chart a fluctuations, a voice can be seen clearly. Two waveform comparison could see that noise for human interference has reached intolerable proportions, in many environments, noise reduction tools are not taken, it is impossible to call.

Waveforms not only visualize the relationship between vocals and noise performance and noise reduction can also be used as entry point for research and development. If you want to reduce or eliminate noise, then we must first get the noise sources, so it can be a separate microphone to capture the caller picks up the noise around environmental noises, then contrasting vocals based on waveform reverse can be eliminated, so that you can pass more clear and precise voice.