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On the use of s9 Bluetooth headset experience

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-31

S9 bluetooth headset have headphones style, hard plastic, weighs almost an ounce. They are something you can easily wear jogging, cycling or other minor or violent activities. Of course it is recommended that you do not use it in any kind of traffic, but other sports or work activities are very valuable.
s9 bluetooth headset
You need to use the slender AC adapter to charge the headset for about 2 hours. They are positioned on a standard mini-USB adapter - all manufacturers should take this route, although Motorola did not use the USB plug to connect the mini USB charger.

The pairing machine took several attempts, perhaps because the power button should be pressed for 3 seconds. Most units take 6 seconds to help the device distinguish between simple power and pairing. However, in accordance with the manual in a more detailed description (rather than a simple matching guide), made a trick. Clear written manuals are English and Spanish. The blue, red, or purple blinking LED status indicator is not prominently located on the underside of the back loop. Like all of these types of headphones, research manuals to decrypt how to use all call control is well worth it.

One thing that makes these headphones stand out is control. On the right ear is a lift button for playing / pausing and tracking control, just below and above. On the left earphone is an up button for call control, and the volume buttons are located above and below. The rising button is the usual click and release. However, trying to click from the other buttons will find nothing. I realized that these only need the slightest pressure to activate - almost tactile. An almost imperceptible faucet is the need to change the volume or lift or reverse the trajectory.

Before you get into the understanding, you should mention that these headphones look good. They are a simple matte black offset with a dull red inner band. In addition, they were identified as waterproof / sweat - although I did not test these statements.


Like all new A2DP headphones, these wireless Bluetooth headsets support streaming music and calls. A headset that can handle stereo music and voice calls wirelessly. Ironically, Palm OS does not seem to be able to handle streaming music protocols. Even the newer Treo 755p does not seem to have this ability yet, it's a good reason to let it miss out on the more features of the Windows Mobile cousin (even support wireless, though by adding a card) which is not a secret , Palm is developing a new operating system based on Linux. We all hope that it can not only better support the Windows Mobile platform, and can be compared with the iPhone's OS X features.

For the quality of music, S9 is not large, but very powerful. Part of the reason is simple mechanics. The speakers in these headphones must be smaller. Therefore, compared with the more full-featured headphones, the dynamic range is affected, the sound a bit light. This is not the error of these particular headphones, just a design trade-off.

Please note that the sound of the call can only pass through one ear.