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TWS-11 Ture wireless bluetooth headset

  • Author:Jhon
  • Release on :2018-01-20
Bring the Bluetooth headset, we are familiar, because many times we are using it. However, the use of the process, there will always be more or less complained about the headset, either poor sound quality, or look too low, or wear uncomfortable.
Indeed, a good headset not only has good sound quality, but also have high value, and taking into account the sense of wearing, to meet the needs of our senses all at once, this is as simple as possible, connotation. And Laputa with a unique vision, keen to capture this pain point, the new Laputa TWS-11 true wireless Bluetooth headset gives us more freedom, but also brought excellent sound quality and experience.

Lightweight wireless freedom
Enjoy music and calling anytime, anywhere, is our individual desire, but it requires the headset is lightweight enough to carry. Laputa TWS-11 by a professional industrial design team crafted, delicate and delicate body touch and the appearance of a smooth flowing lines, with a very high degree of recognition, people shines.
And, without the stranglehold and shackles of wire, I have to say Laputa TWS-11's body is very fan users, the weight of two headphones together, less than 13 grams, with the use of ergonomic design of three different specifications Silicone earmuffs, ear songs for a long time will not feel tired, so wear headphones become a pleasure.

Perfect blend of music & call
A market survey shows that 79% of headphone users want an "all-in-one" headphone with clear voice answering calls and pleasant sound quality. However, the existing earphone products can not take both requirements into consideration simultaneously, which brings inconvenience to users. The Laputa TWS-11 is fully considered this point, the flagship concept of all-around, allowing users to use a headset to receive calls and listen to music.
Laputa TWS-11 with 6mm advanced speakers, with four noise-canceling microphones to reduce background noise, and the use of acoustic open design, wide and natural sound field, high reduction of vocals, so that both sides of the call can be clear Hear each other's voice, even in the changing weather conditions outdoors, but also for users to bring a satisfactory call effect.

Easy to operate and durable
Laputa TWS-11's left and right headsets feature function keys on both sides to easily switch between answering incoming calls and listening to music. The left is responsible for the volume adjustment, cut song button, tap the right one can answer the phone, play or pause the music, long press will be exhaled Siri, Google Now or Amazon Alexa and other voice assistant. Directly on the headset to complete the operation, do not need to come up with the phone, this is very convenient.