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Take your understanding of dual power amplifier wireless Bluetooth headset

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-07-31
Dual-amplifier Bluetooth headset is the first dual-amplifier four-speaker music bluetooth headphones. High-end configuration, whether listening to music or call has a three-dimensional ultra-clear sensory hearing to enjoy! Empty hands, let the music call "enjoy" stop!

Dual power amplifier wireless Bluetooth headset top ten advantages
1. Bluetooth compatibility, almost compatible with all the Bluetooth stereo devices on the market
2. Double ring stereo channel high fidelity stereo, bring you 100% perfect listening experience!
3. Ear pads with high elastic imitation of white skin, suitable for long wear, very comfortable
4. Piano paint technology, fashion gorgeous
5. Dual power amplifier four speakers, ears tired, you can hang the neck of the small speakers
6. Built-in lithium battery, can be used to recharge the cycle, a USB can easily get
7. Headset using the British CSR company provides high-performance chip, can provide higher voice quality!
8. Bluetooth high-fidelity sound wireless transmission, the vast distance can be transmitted up to 15 meters
9. Headset built-in microphone, can be directly and friends through the Bluetooth headset QQ voice chat.
10. to facilitate less radiation, can greatly reduce the direct call to bring the radiation

Dual power amplifier Bluetooth headset technical parameters
1. Bluetooth version: CSR8635-V4.1 version
2. Frequency range: 2400.2-2483.5MHZ
3. Bluetooth chip: CSR (UK)
4. Transmission distance:> 15 meters
5. Bluetooth mode: stereo, hands-free, remote control
6. Talk time:> 10 hours
7. Charging time: 3-4 hours
8. Music playing time:> 12 hours
9. External response time:> 5 hours