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Teach you how to choose a good ear headphones

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2016-12-15
 Compared with the traditional multimedia speakers, in ear headphones sound resolution and noise reduction capabilities are slightly better than third, in addition to ear-style headphones can carry is the speaker can not match. From the sound quality, the ear headphones at work, when a good closed, so bass more surging, and the purity of the overall sound quality has also been guaranteed, this is the ear-style popular another important factor.
in ear headphone
 However, in addition to the benefits of in-ear headphones, many users may have overlooked its negative impact, the so-called anything has two sides, the negative impact of ear headphones are also many, and some may even be a direct threat The human health, so choose a correct product for like to use headphones to listen to music friends is very important.
 Through visual, and tactile selection of good materials. For the good things, we all have their own understanding. The quality of the material I believe most people will be able to understand a look, and then combined with its price. First of all from the material aspects, this little experience of the basic users will note that the selection of poor quality headphones is very rough, resulting in some stiff earplugs, in addition to little consideration in the design of ergonomics, wearing it difficult to achieve a comfortable feeling. As part of the stiff ear stimulation, long-term use of such products is easy to make the external auditory canal skin stratum corneum swelling, resulting in bacterial growth. Long-term damage to the external auditory canal skin, long-term chronic congestion, but easy to stimulate the secretion of cerumen, a serious impact on hearing and dizziness and so on.
 Remember the frequency classification, low frequency: 50HZ to 300HZ, high frequency: 6500HZ or more. Some headset manufacturers in order to create a better bass or treble effect, will be too much rendering bass, treble. In fact, this signal will over-stimulate hair cells, long stimulation will cause hair cell death. When the receiver is responsible for the sound of a band of hair cells damaged, the band's voice will be more difficult to hear, its performance is generally inattentive, mild hearing loss, is what we commonly known as the "back." Select the headset when the attention to look at the parameters of the headset, just like.
 As long as a good grasp of the above points, the other can be according to their own preferences, select the personalized headset. I hope everyone can choose to a healthy headset their favorite. Enjoy music and enjoy life!