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Tell you to buy Bluetooth speakers five errors

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-05-26
First, buy sound five note

Optional speakers have a lot of specialized knowledge, for example, to pick the sound quality, to identify the sound, to select the sound field and so on. Because the performance of a speaker is often affected by the impact of many factors, such as the thickness of the box, density, degree of closure; frequency divider and the characteristics of the speaker diaphragm material, magnetic circuit structure. However, if you do not want to do enthusiasts, but just because you like to have their own speakers, you just as a common enthusiast, you only need to get out of the following errors to buy speakers, then you can choose to A satisfied speaker.
A6 bluetooth speaker
1, The price is not the only standard to buy high-quality speakers

Into the sound city, we are often shocked by some noble and luxurious speakers. However, those Need not necessarily for you, even if you are very rich, it is not necessarily non-election price expensive, it is important how the sound quality of the speaker. Some speakers are not luxurious appearance, but the same sound quality can achieve moving results.

2, Do not have to pick the logs to do the shell of the speaker
In the case of the current shortage of solid wood, the use of logs is a symbol of high material, which for the purchase of furniture can be used as a measure of whether the quality of an important standard, means strong, durable, or even elegant. But for the speaker is not the case, because the original board has the nature of resonance, the speaker work when the logs themselves will produce sound, thus affecting the effect of the speaker. But the wood speakers in the solid box or will play a good role. In general, the plastic shell speaker is easy to make a variety of beautiful shape, but the overall strength is small, most of the speaker shell are made of MDF or particleboard.

3, Do not have to choose high-power speakers
At present, some speakers on the market advertised their own power is how high What power up to 400W, the frequency response range from 20HZ-20KHZ ... ... unknown people still think that the higher the power the better. In fact, this is a misleading consumer practice. For example, some speakers are used to measure the power of P. O. P M peak power is no distortion of the instantaneous indicators, there is no practical significance.

4, Do not have to choose a large diameter woofer
The effect of low frequency and a variety of factors, such as the speaker of the cone, the strength of the magnet, the speaker space. Can not simply look at one of the points to distinguish, because any change of which one, will make the speaker issued a different style of sound effects.

5, Do not have to choose a large volume of speakers
In order to put the style or some other kind of psychological, in the purchase of speakers, like to buy big to buy. In fact, the size of no defense, the key depends on "weight". Imagine, in order to ensure that the speaker unit with sufficient sensitivity and excellent dynamic effect of large magnets, to increase the strength of the cabinet thick plate, to strengthen the high-power amplifier cooling of the heavy metal radiator to achieve a strong power supply of large transformers, the elements of.