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The difference between bass speakers and general speakers

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-06-16
The past two years, the market there have been a lot of subwoofer headphones, many people pay attention to listening to a lot of music. And now we do not like to wear a headset, and hope in the office area or home can have a good sound bass Bluetooth speakers, I hope it can give us a different, the ultimate feeling, let us in office Or leisure, but also have the kind of relaxed state. Replay bass is actually a very difficult thing, it gives the speaker designer and audio enthusiasts add a lot of trouble. But this is also a challenge, the potential return to fully prove that efforts to improve the bass playback is worth it. Subwoofer Bluetooth speakers can use the DSP independent frequency division system to distinguish a variety of audio, is a special feature of the sound, once heard will not forget that kind of overall tuning direction can be said to be best to please the public The perception of the consumer.

In each room, whether it is the concert hall or ordinary family living room, there are standing wave phenomenon, it is the main cause of bass playback problem. The standing wave frequency is closely related to the size of the room. In the large chamber of the interior space, the standing wave frequency occurs in the lowest sink bass and infrasound areas, lower than the lowest frequency of the bass instrument, and thus does not adversely affect the bass playback.