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The powerful application of Bluetooth speakers

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-03-06
As we all know, the advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that Bluetooth is a wireless audio transmission, that is, because of wireless, so it is more than the traditional speaker equipment in the application of a wide range.

 1.Home life

You can use the phone with the Bluetooth speakers paired connection, so you can not only hear high-quality music, but also can use the phone to sleep or do other things when the remote control of the remote control (generally effective distance of 10 meters) To go so much trouble; Similarly, you can also use to learn English, play games, watch movies and so on.

 2. Travel out

Portable speakers to join the Bluetooth module, so that the original portable speakers more portable. Most of the Bluetooth speakers are built or external battery, so go out when you can connect the phone Bluetooth speakers, while playing while listening to music, although the sound quality can not be compared with the big speakers, but definitely better than the phone directly to the song much better, if necessary, On the mobile charger, it is not afraid of no electricity.

 3. Hands-free calls

Now a lot of people a lot of people every day, and sometimes a dozen is a few minutes or even one or two more than not only, not only the neck, ears uncomfortable, and we all know that a long time the phone radiation on the brain is fatal, Friends, while driving the general answer the phone is very dangerous, so now a lot of Bluetooth speakers have increased the hands-free call function, you can still phone to the side of the phone.