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What is the effect of Bluetooth audio on sound quality?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-05-13
Mentioned the impact of Bluetooth speaker sound quality factors, many people may think of the first is the loss of Bluetooth audio transmission.

In fact, as early as Bluetooth 2.0 / 2.1 era, Bluetooth transmission rate has reached 2.1 Mbps, enough to meet the high-quality audio transmission. However, in the Bluetooth audio transmission, whether it is early Bluetooth 2.0 / 2.1, or now very popular Bluetooth 4.0, are using the same A2DP protocol (in some manufacturers in the publicity when the Bluetooth 4.0 is equivalent to "good sound" Even "no harm", is nonsense).

As the A2DP protocol significantly limits the transmission bandwidth, audio signals need to be effectively compressed to ensure that the receiver real-time playback, which has a Bluetooth audio device in a variety of different codecs.

There are three main Bluetooth audio codecs: SBC, AAC and apt-X. Which is the old, but still the most common Bluetooth audio codec program, AAC and apt-X is relatively new, in the SBC program on a certain improvement, theoretically better sound quality than the SBC program, which AAC program mainly For iPhone and other Apple devices, apt-X program in vivo, Samsung and other brands of mobile phones are more common.

It should be noted that although apt-X claims to be a "CD-level" audio codec program, but in actual use, apt-X is certainly better than the ancient SBC, but from the "CD-level" transmission there is a certain distance. In addition, apt-X need to launch equipment and playback equipment at the same time support, if you want to use apt-X, in addition to the need to support apt-X phone, buy a Bluetooth speaker before the speaker itself to check whether the support.

If you want to give the three codec program ranked, in the normal case, apt-X better than AAC better than SBC, compared to the traditional wired audio transmission are still more obvious gap. However, if this gap on the small volume of Bluetooth speakers, the impact on the sound quality is far from theoretically so big.

In addition to SBC, AAC, apt-X and other "conventional agreement", Sony also introduced a Bluetooth transmission standard called LDAC, can provide up to 990kbps bandwidth, even higher than the apt-X, theoretically can further improve the Bluetooth audio transmission Sound quality, but currently LDAC only supports some of Sony's own equipment. If you want to experience LDAC, you need a ZX2, ZX100 player or Xperia Z5 and other smart phones, and buy a MDR-100ADN Bluetooth headset or X99 wireless speakers and other equipment Caixing, narrow range.

In short, in the portable Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth audio transmission does affect the sound quality, but not enough to become the bottleneck of sound quality.