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Wireless Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headset difference

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2017-02-28
From the perspective of reducing radiation, wireless Bluetooth speakers will be better. From the portability and privacy point of view, the Bluetooth headset will be better. Do you always have a phone call at home or at any time? If it is the latter suggest you consider the Bluetooth headset, pay attention to the Bluetooth headset battery capacity Oh, to be larger. It is best to support A2DP, is able to listen to music.
mr161 bluetooth speaker
Use the wireless Bluetooth speaker is mainly for the convenience, do not you put the phone near the speaker to sing, you can remotely control the speaker with the phone, the song pause playback, volume adjustment, so you can lie on the sofa, listening to the song, playing the phone , How happy.
And some smaller size of the wireless Bluetooth speakers, you can carry, such as to remove the party, picnic, can bring a wireless Bluetooth speakers, because the general wireless Bluetooth speakers are built-in lithium battery, with the phone, you can charge, and then outdoors Power of the case, or can be used, high-tech, cool