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You will choose for sports headphones?

  • Author:Benson
  • Release on :2016-12-15
 Smartphone greatly facilitates our lives, songs, chase drama, watching live, K song ... function every day powerful. As an important mobile phone accessories headset is almost a staff. If you are a sportsman, sports headphones can make you hearty music world; if you are business people, trains,cabin, long journey, a noise-canceling headset allows you to fully enjoy your quiet world . If you are a headphone enthusiast, a high-resolution high-fidelity music headphones so you can enjoy the feast of hearing every day. All in all, first you have to have a headset for you. You choose the right? Today, Li Lin Xin Xiao Bian give you the first science and technology: sports headphones for sports. For sports headphones should be how?
 1. Waterproof Movement will certainly be a lot of sweat, the general headset is not only easy to be sweat erosion, and if it is not through special treatment of braided wire headset is also very easy to filth, breeding bacteria. If it is waterproof headphones, you can facilitate our users to clean up.
 2. Wear stable Movement can not avoid the body's shaking. If you wear is not strong, it is very easy to fall. Movement in full swing, headphones suddenly fall, will be quite disappointing. If you break or lose it even more depressed. Many headphone manufacturers and headset factories have sports headphones designed for sports. One back-hanging headphones, headphones hanging ear hanging headphones is a very good choice. 
 3. Light and comfortable To ensure that the body is very comfortable state in order to have a better mood. If the headset bulky, not only do not put hands and feet, and a long time is also very tired. Weight, inertia is also large, it is easy to throw out.
 4. Try to avoid auscultation effect The so-called "auscultation effect" refers to: "stethoscope effect is common in the ear headphones, ear plugs or units by the external collision or air friction, the vibration generated directly through the ear plug wire (ear line generally greater hardness, The movement of the movement are mostly large, if the headphone cable, or the headset has been part of the connection with the body friction collision, auscultation effect will be more obvious. Movement should be a kind of enjoyment, how can there be such a discordant experience.